Into the Box 2014

5/13/2014 | Hilton Homewood Suites by Mall of America, Bloomington, MN. USA | 8:00am-8:00pm

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It's everything "Box"

Into The Box is a 1-day, 2-track event with speakers from around the world presenting on topics surrounding the Ortus Solutions product stack, CFML and web technologies. It will be held 1 day before the biggest enterprise CFML conference in the world: cf.Objective().

It's Community

Catch up with colleagues or meet new friends. Meet and interact with the engineers behind these open source frameworks and products.

It's Educational

Whether you are learning about new technologies or brushing up on best practices for products you're already using, you'll come away from Into the Box inspired and equipped to be a better developer.

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Ram Kulkarni
Darren Pywell
George Murphy
Markus Schneebeli
Nathaniel Francis
Joel Watson
Seth Engen
Pete Freitag
Brad Wood
Curt Gratz
Gavin Pickin
Luis Majano
Adrian Moreno




session schedule - May 13, 2014

Two tracks for your session-picking pleasure...

Registration + Breakfast

08:00 AM



Keynote Ortus

09:00 AM

Luis Majano, Ortus Solutions, Corp.

Migrating to MVC: Converting Legacy Code

10:00 AM - Adobe Room

Adrian Moreno

Learn how to "think MVC" while bringing your code into the present day. Taking a step-by-step approach, we'll cover the basics of handlers, views, plugins, interceptors and models. We’ll also cover a handful of security issues that have come to light since your legacy code was first created and how to address them with ColdFusion and ColdBox.

Enterprise Box Architecture

10:00 AM - Ortus Room

Markus Schneebeli

Clean architecture and application design is key when developing large applications.

But thinking of maintenance, extensibility, re-usability and fun while coding, you'd better always look for an excellent setup of your software architecture.

This session will give you a step-by-step introduction of how you can improve your application design, getting the maximum out of Coldbox and its ORM capabilities, with Design Patterns and Service Oriented Architecture in mind.


Meet The Family: WireBox, CacheBox, LogBox, & TestBox

11:05 AM - Adobe Room

Brad Wood

George Murphy

Curt Gratz

Gavin Pickin

New to the world of "Box" and a little intimidated by where to start? Let us demystify each of our Box libraries with a brief introduction and demo in this fast-paced tag team session. We'll spend roughly 15 per library, showing you how easy it is to get started and enjoy new levels of productivity.

Customizing ContentBox With Themes and Modules

11:05 AM - Ortus Room

Seth Engen

Learn to customize ContentBox as we explore custom layout creation, admin theming, and module creation/installation. We will take a detailed look at integrating your site theme into the admin CKEditor for better WYSIWYG page editing as well as deep integration of your modules into the ContentBox admin tools.


12:00 PM


Developing HTML5 mobile applications using ColdFusion Splendor

01:00 PM - Adobe Room

Ram Kulkarni

ColdFusion Splendor and Thunder provide the complete workflow for developing HTML5 based mobile applications. In this session learn how to write mobile applications using CFML and JavaScript. See how you can leverage your CFML skills for developing mobile applications. Learn about tools available in ColdFusion and ColdFusion builder to debug, inspect and package mobile applications.

An Introduction to Behavior-Driven Development (with TestBox)

01:00 PM - Ortus Room

Luis Majano

The natural way to develop software is to start with requirements - the expected behavior - of the system. We work our way through design to implementation and somewhere in there we write tests. Unit testing focuses on implementation, even if you write the tests first. Behavior-Driven Development lets you write the expected behavior in a testable format so that you can develop software outside-in, in a natural manner.

Intro to ContentBox Modular CMS

02:05 PM - Adobe Room

Luis Majano

ContentBox is an open source modular content application written in CFML that will provide you with blogs, cms, wiki and more. Built on the solid ColdBox Platform and ColdFusion ORM foundations, ContentBox can be extended using modular architecture instead of conforming to a standard application API. Based fully on conventions, event-driven programming and ColdBox modules, your content can scale and customizations now become trivial. Extend and scale based on industry standards and think outside of the box!

Dependency Injection: Wiring Up for the Future

02:05 PM - Ortus Room

Curt Gratz

In this session we will cover the basics of DI (Dependency Injection), why you need it in your object oriented toolbox, and the theory behind DI. We will then venture into how to apply DI principles into our applications using WireBox and look at the features and benefits of WireBox.

Siesta Time

03:00 PM



Securing your Box Applications

03:15 PM - Adobe Room

Pete Freitag

Brad Wood

Locking down your ColdBox and ContentBox sites is as important today as ever. In this session we'll talk about the kinds of threats that you need to be concerned about, and tools that help you secure your applications with minimal effort.

ColdBox + ORM: Pink Unicorns Do Exist!

03:15 PM - Ortus Room

Joel Watson

Are you interested in using ORM in ColdFusion or Railo, but don't know where to begin? In this session, we'll dive into the powerful toolset that ColdBox provides which makes leveraging ORM in your applications a cinch...and fun! From utilizing Virtual Entity Services to building powerful, dynamic queries with CriteriaBuilder, you'll come away a believer in the magic of ColdBox and ORM to take your app to the next level.

Writing For Performance (ProfileBox/FusionReactor)

04:20 PM - Adobe Room

Darren Pywell

Joel Watson

This session will cover how to tune your Box applications with our ProfileBox module that ties your apps performance metrics right inside of FusionReactor.

Relaxing With ColdBox RESTFul Services

04:20 PM - Ortus Room

Nathaniel Francis

Curt Gratz

Do you want to build a solid, robust API that you can build your snazzy mobile app or fancy new web app on? ColdBox RELAX (REstful tools for LAzy eXperts) can be your new best friend. Built upon the solid ecosystem of the ColdBox framework and integrated *Box services, ColdBox RELAX can help you construct a solid, expandable, maintainable, and vigorous API for all your modern web application needs. Come learn how to build Relax APIs in this session and see how web applications can benefit from RELAX, the *Box ecosystem’s RESTful services.

NoSQL Development with CFCouchbase

05:25 PM - Adobe Room

Brad Wood

NoSQL document stores are reinventing the way we design our databases and cache layers. Couchbase server is a unique offering with unparalleled performance, automatic replication and failover. In this session, we'll talk about how to get started with Couchbase using the open source CFML SDK as well as native caching via the Railo Couchbase Extension.

Just Mock It!

05:25 PM - Ortus Room

Gavin Pickin

Just Mock It… Mock what? What Mock?

Learn What is Mocking, and how to use Mocking with ColdFusion testing, development, and continuous integration. Look at Mocking and Stubbing with a touch of Theory and a lot of Examples, including what you could test, and what you should test… and what you shouldn't test (but might be fun).


06:30 PM

Raffles, Ortus Team Q&A, free food, free drinks, free live music



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Hilton Homewood Suites by Mall of America, Bloomington, MN. USA

5/13/2014 - 8:00am-8:00pm

* Across the street from cf.Objective()

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