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This week's feature speaker is: Nolan Erck

Nolan Erck

Nolan Erck has been developing software professionally for more than 19 years, starting in the video game industry as a Tools Programmer advancing to web development in 1999. He has worked on high profile projects for LucasArts, Maxis, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Schools Credit Union, and Alive N Kicking Magazine among others. His list of credits includes Grim Fandango, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, SimPark, and SimSafari, as well as high-traffic websites for a variety of technology based companies.

Nolan currently co-manages the SacInteractive User Group and is an active member of the Web Developer community, giving presentations on Object-Oriented Programming and Web Development for groups across Northern California. Nolan is also certified in Adobe ColdFusion, and is an in-demand consultant, providing training and development experience for a variety of companies.

When he's not consulting or talking about himself in the third person, Nolan can usually be found working on one of several music projects.


Q & A with Nolan

What made you want to speak at Into The Box 2015?

Despite the name, Into The Box isn't really a conference exclusive to ColdBox info.  There is a lot of content useful to developers on other technology stacks, with presentations on several tools that I've yet to learn. I'm always looking for ways and places to improve my skill set.

What does web development mean to you?

Creating things and making a difference! I've been running my own consulting business for the last 8 years and the best part of my job is getting to make new things that didn't previously exist, and seeing my clients get excited when their ideas come to fruition.

Anything you want to experience during the conference?

I always try to get my money's worth at a conference.  For me that usually means a combination of attending as many sessions as possible, and meeting people. It's amazing how many people in technology also have the same hobbies and interests outside of work.  For example, I'm also a musician, as are many others in the CF community.

What advice would you give to your younger self, knowing what you know now?

There are plenty of creative jobs in technology where you can do what you love and make a difference.  Don't be afraid to step out on your own and try something new.  And don't worry about learning all the technologies out there, there's always new stuff coming out.  Just pick some tools you like to use, a project you enjoy, and try to make a difference.  The pieces will falll into place however they're supposed to.

This year's lineup of speakers has lots of quality, what other session(s) are you looking forward to attending?

Matt Gifford's presentations are always great, and I've wanted to learn more about Vagrant for a while now; I'm hoping to attend his session.  I'm also looking forward to the preso on migrating legacy applications to ColdBox -- I get a lot of clients that have legacy code in dire need of help!


Nolan's Session

Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS

Ionic is a great tool for building hybrid mobile apps and AngularJS is a great JavaScript framework that plays very nicely with Ionic. In this talk we'll go over the basics of getting started with AngularJS+Ionic. We'll look at some real code from each of the 2 libraries and see what all is involved in building a hybrid mobile application. We will finish our journey with a real-life Ionic app presentation powered by RESTFul services.