We are excited to announce the first set of speakers and sessions. We have a great mix of Ortus Speakers and Community speakers too. We'll be announcing round 2 later this week, and then we'll be finalizing the last few spots next week as we confirm some special items (hopefully). Here is the first 12 speakers and their sessions.

Ortus Speakers and Sessions

  • Luis Majano and Grant Copley - cbfs: Abstract, Extend, Integrate Any File System
  • Brad Wood - Securing and Tuning CommandBox Servers for production
  • Jon Clausen - cbCommerce - A flexible, modular e-commerce solution
  • Grant Copley - Sublime Reactivity with CBWIRE
  • Daniel Garcia - Alpine.js : Declare and React!
  • Dan Card - Unpacking The Box - Why so many boxes and what do they do?????

Community Speakers and Sessions

  • Scott Steinbeck - Advanced pdf generation + Building a gitbook markdown conversion process
  • Wil De Bruin - Document your API
  • Nolan Erck - Web Components in Your CFML Application
  • Abram Adams - Khaos - A CommandBox Module for DevOps
  • Seth Stone - Quick Start for CI/CD Automation on AWS
  • Shawn Oden - I'm Just Here For The T-Shirt