We are excited to announce the second set of speakers and sessions. We have a great mix of Ortus Speakers and Community speakers in this conference, and we have more community speakers coming soon, with a couple more special announcements.

Here is the next 10 speakers and their sessions.

More Speakers and Sessions

  • Luis Majano - To the future with cbFutures!
  • Brad Wood - ColdBox Task Scheduling Demystified
  • Jon Clausen - Building Collaborative Applications with Websockets and MQ Services
  • Eric Peterson - cbq — Jobs and Tasks in the Background
  • Eric Peterson - cbPlaywright — End-to-End Tests with Playwright and TestBox
  • Gavin Pickin - Building a CFML API powered Quiz Game with VueJS and deployed with SPA and Android + more
  • Esmeralda Acevedo and Javier Quintero - Off with their heads → ContentBox 5 : Headless CMS
  • Daniel Garcia - How to Debug Your CF Apps
  • Dan Card - What I learned about Mental Health from my computer and its network.
  • George Murphy - Configure ContentBox 5 In the Cloud the easy way

Check out the first set of Speakers and Sessions