Todays featured speaker is Brad Wood aka 'Roberto Maderas' (His Spanish name given at Ortus)! He will be showing you how to convert your legacy apps into modern MVC and teaching you how to create Server Minions with CommandBox. Brad is also giving a CommandBox DeepDive Workshop for those of you who are ready to take your skills to the next level

Brad Wood

Brad has been programming ColdFusion for 12 years and has used every version of CF since 4.5. He first fell in love with ColdFusion as a way to easily connect a database to his website for dynamic pages. He enjoys configuring and peformance tuningn high-availability Windows and Linux ColdFusion Environments as well as SQL Server

Brad at Into The Box 2017

  • CommandBox DeepDive

  • Converting Legacy Apps into Modern MVC

  • CommandBox Server Minions

  • Bringing Legacy Apps Back To Life with *Box Microservices


Speaker Questions

We asked Brad a few questions, here are his answers.

What made you want to speak at ITB 2017?

The Box products make me productive and I love to talk about them to share the love with other people.

Anything in particular that you want to experience during the conference?


Which Speaker at ITB do you want to sit down with and ask a few questions?

Mike Brunt. He knows a ton about CF and has an amazing accent.

Tell us a little more about your Sessions at ITB

I'm focusing on the tools made available by CommandBox CLI and converting legacy apps to run on ColdBox MVC.

Why should an Attendee not miss your session?

I'll be giving a lot of tips and tricks for people looking to maximize their development process. I always look forward to the Q&A at the end of each session as well.

What's your favorite *Box Product and Why?

CommandBox because, ASCII art.

Tell us something random about yourself:

I love fish and have owned aquariums since I was a kid, even raising my own brine shrimp in a bottle to feed them.

Brad, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

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