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Brad Wood - Speaker Interview for ITB 2017

Into The Box 2017 is approaching fast! Make sure you get your tickets before they are gone! Todays featured speaker is Brad Wood aka 'Roberto Maderas' (His Spanish name given at Ortus)! He will be showing you how to convert your legacy apps into modern MVC and teaching you how to create Server Minions with CommandBox. Brad is also giving a CommandBox DeepDive Workshop for those of you who are ready to take your skills to the next level.

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Meet Nathaniel Francis - Speaker Interview for ITB 2017

Nathaniel is another experienced speaker, speaking at several CFML conferences. Nathaniel and his team at Computer Know How are long time ColdBox supporters and we would be sad if we didn't have them at Into The Box. This year Nathaniel will be speaking about "The best REST you've ever had: ColdBox REST"

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Free Hands On ContentBox Workshop at ITB 2017 in Houston

Come attend the free day-long ContentBox workshop, being held the day before IntotheBox, as we will walk through converting an existing CFML-based website (one which you may recognize) into ContentBox, including the steps from scratch, the benefits, and available features and options to really empower and improve most any site.

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Meet Pete Freitag - Speaker Interview for ITB 2017

Pete Freitag is an asset to the cfml community. Pete is probably most well-known for HackMyCF, but has built a lot of great products, as you can see on his website. CFDocs is another great project that Pete is leading the way with, currently the project has 71 contributors, creating the ultimate documentation for cfml, crossing the engine boundaries.

We are very happy to have Pete back again as a speaker at this years Into the Box 2017… speaking about "Securing CFML Codebases"

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Behavior Driven Development, Automation and Continuous Integration

Speaker: kev McCabe

In this session we will explore the semantics and theory behind Behavior Driven Development and how it can unify a team with its ubiquitous language. We will then go in a tour of TestBox for applying BDD/TDD into our CFML applications. Our tour will end with setting up a Jenkins Continous Integration Server and building scripts for automated testing and reporting.

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Into The Box 2015

May 12th - 1 Day before devObjective()

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