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Into the Box 2022 - First Workshops Announced

We are excited to announce the first workshops for Into the Box 2022. We plan to offer 5 or more workshops, while we decide on the final workshops, we're happy to announce the first 4. In Previous years at Into the Box we have done 1 day and 2-day workshops and all of the workshops have been well attended, with some standouts that sell out every year. Since we have added several of our biggest and most popular workshops like ColdBox Zero to Hero and Hero to SuperHero on CFCasts, we have room for new workshops. We are bringing back some of the most popular workshops like Containers/Docker & CommandBox & Testing with new and updated content, and some of the workshops are brand new like Async Programming and Scheduling with the man Luis Majano himself, and Legacy Code Conversion where you walk through our Migration process we work through with so many Ortus Clients.
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Into the Box 2019 - Early bird discount extended until March 31st

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This will give you access to the 2-day conference and one paid workshop of your choice.


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CBStreams : Accelerate your Functional Programming with the power of Java Streams

This session will introduce the cbStreams module. It will discuss what Java streams are, each of the available methods and options, and how to implement cbStreams into their applications.

by Matt Gifford

Try This At Home: Building a Personal Docker Swarm

Looking for some real-world knowledge and hands-on experience with Docker Swarm? What are you waiting for? In this session, we’ll walk through containerizing and deploying a personal CFML project to Swarm. The best way to learn is by doing, and it’s also the most fun

by Matthew Clemente

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