We feel Into the Box 2022 will be an excellent conference. We have already announced our first four workshops, with a Twitter poll to help decide the 5th and final workshop. We are finalizing our schedule, for which we have 50+ community submitted sessions, and all of the Ortus sessions, to cram into our 2 days, 2 tracks of almost 30 sessions. We are thrilled with the great list of speakers, content, and sponsors that will be at Into the Box 2022.

We think you should come to the conference but may need some help convincing your boss to send you. To assist with that, we created a draft letter, inspired by Smashing Magazine, VueJS Conf, and many others, which you can use to send to your boss to help convince them why attending Into the Box in 2022 is going to be a great thing for you and your company.

Please use the below letter to convince your boss to let you attend the best ColdFusion Conference of the Year! Remember, the Super Early Bird prices end soon. Hope to see you in September!

Dear {{ amazingBossName }},

I would like to ask for your approval to attend Into The Box 2022 (https://www.intothebox.org), which will be taking place in Houston, Texas from September 6-8th, 2022. While there are many conferences to choose from, the insights and material presented and discussed are exactly what our team needs to become more efficient, stay ahead of the competition, and avoid unnecessary costs like technical debt. Into The Box is a conference put on by Ortus Solutions, who are leaders in the ColdFusion community and the creators of many open-source tools like ColdBox, TestBox, CommandBox, and more.

Unlike large-scale conferences, which often can be disorganized and have subpar sessions, Into The Box is very focused and well-curated. Many of the speakers are Ortus core team members and prominent ColdFusion community members who often speak at other conferences. They have also been known for a strong commitment to very practical sessions and hands-on workshops that bridge the gap between getting started with beginner content and more advanced strategies and tactics.

For example, Luis Majano, the Creator of ColdBox, will be teaching a one-day workshop on Scheduling and Async programming in ColdBox, while Jon Clausen, creator of the Ortus CommandBox images, will be leading a workshop on Containerizing your Application using Docker. Another Workshop on Legacy Migration includes a step-by-step workflow on modernizing with ColdBox, so no application is left behind.

Advantages for our company

If given the chance to attend the conference, it will help our company to:

  • Learn from ColdFusion industry leaders and Ortus core team members.
  • Inspire new ideas to use on projects within our company.
  • We will catch more bugs with improved testing practices earlier, costing us less money in support and maintenance.
  • Learn more about Package Management with ForgeBox and CommandBox, to better utilize community libraries, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time.
  • All Into the Box Attendees get a free month of CFCasts.com - Ortus’ great online video training website.
  • All of the Into the Box Videos will be made available after the conference for attendees, so we can watch all of the sessions, even the sessions we missed in person.

My advantages

As far as why I’m excited at the prospect of attending this conference:

  • There’s an impressive line-up of experts who are working with technologies, tools, and methodologies we use daily.
  • Hands-on workshops with experts allow me to learn new practices and techniques and improve my skills.
  • The friendly, intimate spirit of the conference makes it easy to interact with speakers and ask questions.
  • As the conference attracts seasoned developers, I’m excited to learn from everyone and discover their experiences and best practices from their projects.
  • The ColdFusion/CFML-related technology is changing rapidly; it’s essential to learn what’s possible and current in the ecosystem and dive deeper into those areas we need to explore.
  • Opportunity to network with other ColdFusion developers.

Below are some estimated prices. If we register early, we will be able to lock in some prices and maybe get better prices. Early Bird prices for the conference end May 31st and will save us $100-300 on the cost of the Conference (and Workshop) ticket prices. Purchasing early will allow us to secure better prices on airfare and lodging (hotels or Airbnb), which will only increase as we come closer to the conference dates.

Early Bird Pricing Summary of Costs (Conference only)

Conference & Workshop Fee $395 (save $100)
Hotel / AirBnB (for 3 nights) $400
Flights $250-500
Ground Transportation $50
Food $70
Total     $1165-$1415

Early Bird Pricing Summary of Costs (Conference & Workshop)

Conference & Workshop Fee $795 (save $200)
Hotel / AirBnB (for 3 nights) $600
Flights $250-500
Ground Transportation $50
Food $100
Total     $1795-$2045

I have been following Ortus Solutions for a long time now, and they are doing great things for the ColdFusion / CFML Community with ColdBox, CommandBox, TestBox, CFML News Podcast, CFCasts, and all of their other open-source products. I even watched some of the free Into the Box videos from 2021 available on CFCasts, and they were all fantastic sessions. This year's sessions sound like they will be even better.

I feel confident that I will bring back a ton of passion and excitement and valuable notes and takeaways for the team. I’m looking forward to improving our efficiency, reducing unnecessary costs, and obtaining new tools to serve our existing and future clients better. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a moment to look at the website — www.intothebox.org — and the overview of topics covered there. I couldn’t be more excited to attend this one, and I’m confident that it’s a good investment in training for our entire company.


{{ an employee, passionate about learning and improving our work }}