We are excited and proud to announce that Foundeo will be joining us as a Bronze Sponsor!

Foundeo, Inc is a company based in Upstate New York that builds products for CFML and ColdFusion developers. They also provide expert CFML and ColdFusion consulting services. Foundeo’s products and services range from Fixinator to HackMyCF and FuseGuard. Fixinator scans your CFML source code for security vulnerabilities, and it can even fix some of them for you automatically. HackMyCF on the other hand, sends you an automated email report with loads of information designed to help you improve the security of your ColdFusion or Lucee Server, while FuseGuard is a high performance web application firewall that protects your ColdFusion & CFML applications from malicious requests. They also provide expert consulting services which could include code security reviews, server reviews, custom development and much more.

If you want to learn more about Foundeo, make sure to follow their Twitter account or check out their website!