Into The Box Conference 2016 (all the info here..)

Remember, June 14th, 2016, 1 day before dev.Objective. Don't forget to secure your ticket in time.

Meet Into The Box 2016 Speaker: Scott Coldwell

Scott Coldwell

Scott is a developer and sysadmin at Computer Know How and has been building the web since 2006. He loves elegant, simple solutions and helping others achieve the same.


Q & A with Scott

What made you want to speak at ITB 2016?

I love the ColdBox platform and community. It is an honor to share things I've been working on.

Anything in particular that you want to experience during the conference?

I want to learn new and unexpected things, and hopefully meet a new person or two.

Tell us something random about yourself:

The only foreign country I've visited is Germany.


Scott's Sessions

Converting Legacy Apps into Modern MVC

Do you have an old CFML site that needs to be brought up to speed to reduce maintenance and frustration? Come learn techniques and tips to convert your code to modern MVC.