Our next Into the Box speaker is a  fanatic pizzaiolo, home baker and never buys bread from supermarkets. He is also the admin of the Dutch home baking forum. He’s been using CF since the dark times of CF 1.5 when CFML was still called DBML and Java was just something to make the  Netscape browser slower. Everyone, please meet Wil de Bruin. 

Wil will be leading the Validate! (or fail…) session on May 7th from 3:10 PM until 4:00 PM. In his own words, you should attend his session even though “ cbvalidation is already [considered] an 'old' module, but most people don't use it to its full potential. I want to show people more ways to use it. You don't need other ways of validation. And I will discuss where we can still improve on this module.”

When it comes to a Box product of his liking, he states: “CommandBox, and many many modules. Some of my favourites: qb and cfmigrations for most database stuff, cbvalidation for it's power, and the new cbsecurity for all new features. And HMVC rest templates. They make developing our API a lot easier. Now the REST handler will be part of coldbox6 it makes it even more usable, and better documented.” 

At our previous conferences, Wil always liked the discussions with other people, the party and of course the inspiring content. However, “this year it is just the content, I will really miss the people. The thing I do like this year is: no jetlag and not being in a plane for 2x10 hours.”