News flash-- the Into The Box conference this May (one day before cf.Objective() ) isn't about ColdBox!  Well part of it is, but only a little.  There's way more stuff in here that can apply to ANY developer regardless of what framework you're using (or NOT using).  In fact, the vast majority of the 14 sessions that day have nothing do with ColdBox MVC.  Sure, we'd love for all of you to be enjoying the productivity of ColdBox, but we realize it's a big world out there and there are other compelling frameworks that people use.  That's why we've detached all our tools into standalone libraries so any one can benifit from them.

Ortus Solutions is behind this conference and while Ortus is the maker of ColdBox, they're also the company that has brought TestBox, ContentBox CMS, WireBox, Cachebox, etc. to the CFML world.  Our focus is to make good tools and libraries like our open source NoSQL and caching SDK, CFCouchbase.  I can't wait until the keynote demos.  If all goes as planned, we'll be opening up ForgeBox to the entire community and showing off our new CFML-based CLI package manager!  We're bringing CFML back up to speed with communities like Ruby and Node and we want you on board!

So, if you've heard about Into The Box and thought "Nah, I don't use ColdBox" then please reconsider the opportunity you're passing up.   If you're already attending cf.Objective()-- and you should be-- just move your flight forward a day, schedule an extra night and enjoy the 25% off we offering cf.Objective() attendees.

See you there!