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The Modernize or Die Podcast - Conference Edition

Containerizing and Scaling Your Applications with Jon Clausen

This podcast is a special podcast for attendees or undecided attendees, to get a view of what the workshop has to offer.Jon Clausen talks about his upcoming workshop at Into the Box, he talks about who the ideal audience is, and why they should attend. He talks about what will the workshop cover, the requirements for the workshop, and what he hopes the attendees will leave the workshop with. In this workshop, you will gain knowledge and proficiency in utilizing Docker containers to develop, deploy, and scale ColdFusion (CFML) applications. Be it Docker swarms, Kubernetes, or other orchestration services. Get ready to send your applications out into the great wide world of containerization!

Who is the audience for the workshop

Developers who have working knowledge of CommandBox and CFML applications and are interested in learning how to use containers in development and/or production

Why should i take the workshop?

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the “magical” world of Docker containers and how to deploy your ColdFusion (CFML) apps to docker swarms and or many orchestration services.  Users who wish to take their dev-ops skills and application deployments to the next level are all welcome!

What will the workshop cover

  • Introductions/checking prerequisites - 15 mins
  • Overview and introduction to containerization - 45 mins
  • Running your first Dockerized CFML application - 1 hr
  • Introduction to Dockerfile image deployments - 1 hr
  • Lunch - 1 hr
  • Introduction to Docker Compose and stack deployments - 1 hr
  • Multi-tier deployments and continuous integration  - 1 hr
  • Break - 30 mins
  • Hands-on:  Deploying your own code on Docker - 1.5 hr

You will leave the workshop with:

An understanding of containerization infrastructure and principles, along with deployment strategies for a variety of environments. You will also learn how to make your applications more portable throughout the development and deployment cycle

Any Requirements?

  • A working knowledge of CommandBox and CFML applications
  • Have the latest stable versions of CommandBox and Docker installed, for your operating system platform
  • Bring a sample application, with between 1-2 external dependencies ( e.g. - database or caching server ) to use for the hands-on segment of the training

To make sure you get all of the information as we release it, we'll blog about it here, but also check out the podcast website, subscribe with your favorite podcast provider or subscribe to the Ortus Solutions youtube channel or watch this episode and all the others on the playlist.