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The Modernize or Die Podcast - Conference Edition

Legacy Code Conversion To The Modern World! with Dan Card

This podcast is a special podcast for attendees or undecided attendees, to get a view of what the workshop has to offer. This workshop Legacy Code Conversion To The Modern World! with Dan Card, will start with an app that has been created as a single .cfm page. During the day we’ll look at why the idea of refactoring is even worth considering if the code we have is working. What makes a site “traditional” vs “modern”? We’ll start off looking at the issues that usually drive working on your code and how refactoring is definitely a process and the accumulation of many small changes rather than an single massive event.

We will do quite a bit of hands on ranging from

What are the goals in a refactor?

  • looking at tangible and “recognized” refactoring techniques,
  • how do we preserve what works and avoid introducing bugs as we do this,
  • exploring various developer setups which might improve teams productivity,
  • answering what is an “env” variable (and a .env file) and how can it clear out code clutter in addition to making your code (and dev team) more flexible and secure
  • some more newer of “advanced” coding practices such as “functional” programming like map / filter / reduce ,
  • how different technologies and open source projects such as Git, CommandBox, Testbox, CFConfig and others can help with this process even if they aren’t 100% essential.

There is something for everyone in this course from the experienced CF programmer looking to “up their game” or the new CF developer looking to learn the tools and techniques.

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