In an effort to have attendees “meet” our speakers, we have started our Speaker Blog Post Series. Next up, we have Brian Klaas. Brian is the Senior Technology Officer at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Teaching and Learning but he has also been voted The Meanest Dad in the World ™ four years running by the voting academy of his children.
He will be leading the “I Didn’t Know S3 Could Do That” session on May 7th from 5:10 PM to 6:00 PM. According to Brian, “there is so much more to S3 than just storing files. Really. There's a huge amount of functionality — and cost savings! — if you step beyond the basics of what our CFML runtimes provide us with S3 integration. It's not terribly hard to achieve, and I'm happy to share with everyone just how easy it is to make that happen. Improved security, significant cost savings, and powerful functionality — all in a couple of lines of code. Sounds like a bad marketing ploy but it's shockingly true!” 
When it comes to his favorite Box product, he states: “there are many good choices, but today it's ColdBox. Any programming language doesn't go very far these days without a great, de facto framework. ColdBox is and has evolved from a simple MVC framework to one that agilely handles a variety of web application tasks. And all the good ColdBox packages via ForgeBox? Damn.” Make sure to tune in to his talk and after that, stay for a little mingling! He’s looking forward to connecting with “people much, much smarter than me showing me better ways of working. And, always, the Happy Hour, to which I will gladly bring my awesome bourbon punch this year.”