Our Speaker Blog Post Series wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include our Keynote speakers. Meet Jorge Reyes, Ortus’ Business Manager. When asked to share an anecdote or something funny so attendees could get a sense of who he was, his exact words were: “I live in Switzerland but work under US Eastern Time :D ja ja ja? It's funny to me.” 
As an organizer, he’s really looking forward to how the conference plays out. At Ortus our goal is to provide attendees with an experience like none other and he’s working day and night (literally) to make sure this conference meets expectations. 
In regards to his favorite Box product, he says: “I don't have a favorite product, because they are all awesome in their own way and for what they been created for. However, I personally hold CommandBox close to my heart because it was one of the first product releases I was actually part of with Ortus and it has been great to see how companies have used it to drastically change and modernize their CFML development landscape.”
Tune in to the keynotes  if you want to learn more about Jorge and Ortus. According to him, “they are just an awesome way of finding out about all that we are doing under the sun at Ortus to Modernize or Die™! At Ortus we put a lot of effort into maintaining, improving, and creating new web development tools for the CFML community and really try to do our share to make sure CFML stays modern and relevant.”