At Into the Box, we consider ourselves modernizers and innovators. As such, we choose speakers and sessions that will benefit and teach attendees about the ever-changing technology. Today we’ll highlight Michael Born. Michael is an Ortus senior developer, and will lead the “Power Up Your Search with cbElasticSearch” session on May 7th from 2:00 PM until 2:50 PM. He’s the one with different colored eyebrows and eyelashes - one blond, one dark brown. All this makes him suspect he’s his own twin…
Debating whether to attend? According to Michael, “if your web app needs search capabilities, you almost certainly need Elasticsearch. If you need Elasticsearch, you need CBElasticsearch. And if you need CBElasticsearch, you need my talk to teach you how to use CBElasticSearch. I cover using Elasticsearch in CFML from basic concepts all the way to integrating search into your API handlers.” 
Still hesitant? Follow Michael’s advice: “You know, they tell us in school "don't choose a course, choose a professor". That's no different for ITB. I learned a lot from Brad's talk last year and I'm really looking forward to his "Migrating The Legacy Out of your Applications!" for this year.” 
As to his favorite Box product,  he states “definitely have to go with ColdBox. Everything else is just a supportive role - we can't have "nice things" without ColdBox. I wrote APIs using vanilla CFML for years before I ever started using ColdBox, and I would never go back. Basically, ColdBox makes CFML modern and powerful.”