Meet our speaker

David Belanger

David is a Canadian ColdFusion developer who lives in Argentina with his wife and 4 extremely active children. He's been with CF since version 4.5 and was briefly the only reseller of CF in Argentina before Adobe acquired Macromedia. He's dedicated full-time to CF development on several new and legacy projects as well as a strong CF advocate and a current member of the CFWheels Core Team.
He currently works full-time “creating things that matter” at Intoria Internet Architects, a web development company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Tell us about...

Tell us something funny about yourself?

There's nothing funnier about me than the fact I wanted to be Vanilla Ice when I was in high school. I dressed the part, had zigzags etched into my hair and even spoke like him. Ice Ice Baby still makes me smile!

Why should companies or developers modernize?

I'm often conflicted by this question. As a business owner, I don't believe in upgrading for the sake of upgrading nor have I ever recommended it. I've always needed a solid business or security reason to do so. I believe in tools that work and using just enough technology to make life easier. I think it's important to have a good knowledge of what's out there and to make decisions based on what's best for the users, not the developers. As a developer, I believe that good ideas are good ideas no matter who comes up with them. Therefore if my tools don't have them, I look for ways to get them added!

Why is ColdFusion (CFML) still relevant?

Quite simply, because it works. I've never had a problem I couldn't solve in ColdFusion and even when we added mobile apps, we still used CF as a back-end and it's never failed us. I feel even better about sticking with CF when I see how many "new and exciting" technologies were promptly abandoned.

What would you like to experience during the conference?

I went to Into The Box last year and loved it. We didn't use any Box tech before I went and after we've dipped our toes in the water with CommandBox. I'm keen to meet new members of our community and to be able to share some of my experiences as a speaker for the first time in my career.

Which speaker at ITB do you want to sit down and ask a few questions?

I'm looking forward to speaking with Eric Peterson. We work a lot with ORM and I'd love to hear about his work with migrations.

Why should attendees go to your session?

LNo one thinks about adding another spoken language to a site until it's too late. A lot of the time, especially in legacy apps, most developers don't even know how to begin such a project. I intend to share my experiences with the attendees and I know this session will raise awareness and help them be better prepared for a more worldly site.

What is your favorite *Box Product and why?

CommandBox is by far my favourite Box! Getting new developers setup and going fast was always a challenge. Now, things are much quicker and easier. Box start!