Tell us about...

Tell us something funny about yourself?

Good question, no answer ATM!

Why should companies or developers modernize?

Because technology goes out of usefulness as fast as the average work vehicle.

Why is ColdFusion (CFML) still relevant?

It's more relevant. The technology is growing with tools like commandbox, written deeply with CFML. The reach is growing with container concepts like Docker. More function, more reach, less obstacles.

What would you like to experience during the conference?

Connect with others building similar skills, learn existing technology from Ortus I have not yet mastered like the Quick and Elixir. Engage with others to help build the future even brighter around CFML solutions.

Which speaker at ITB do you want to sit down and ask a few questions?

George Murphy, his CI/CD experience is something we want to have in place also.

Why should attendees go to your session?

We make API development too hard because we don't know how to make it simpler. We don't know where the boundaries are and what can be done better within those boundaries.

What is your favorite *Box Product and why?

Commandbox, because it moves CFML development from a personal preference to a technically preferred solution.

Meet our speaker

John Farrar

John Farrar started programming in the late 70's on a Commodore PET. He served in the U.S.Navy and then met his wife during his reservist years. This was when the Amiga drove his computer interest for several years. Eventually he became a web developer and in the later 90's he started using ColdFusion building dynamic web sites.
With about twenty years of web development John has become known for his work with jQuery, Knockout and Vue AJAX libraries. Sustainable and profitable come together when the right technology is applied to the correct challenges. John enjoys focusing on strategy that will bring impact without getting delayed by over engineering.