Meet our speaker

Lonnie Ramirez

Lonnie Ramirez is a Software Engineer at Clango, Inc. He has 3 years experience developing web applications in Coldfusion and is currently attending Syracuse Univesity for his Masters Degree. He enjoys wildlife, dev ops, and a juicy algorithm. When you don't find him building tools to make his life better he can be found at Sci Fi Conventions mingling with Whovians and Klingons.

Tell us about...

Tell us something funny about yourself?

I am normally found dressed up in interesting costumes at various conventions throughout the year.

Why should companies or developers modernize?

Companies should modernize their work flow and processes.

Why is ColdFusion (CFML) still relevant?

Coldfusion is a great language for api and web application development that allows for quick prototyping compared to other options available.

What would you like to experience during the conference?

I would like to learn something new as well as meet someone interesting.

Which speaker at ITB do you want to sit down and ask a few questions?

Mike Callahan.

Why should attendees go to your session?

Learning language specific frameworks and code is great to improve immediate daily throughput, but learning design patterns and how to identify and use them will help improve your code throughout your career.

What is your favorite *Box Product and why?

CommandBox because it has revolutionized CF development for anyone not just those in the Box community.