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Async Programming & Scheduling with Luis Majano & Eric Peterson

In this session, we will explore the concepts of asynchronous and parallel programming with the ColdBox Async Manager and Java’s Completable Futures APIs. We will explore the concept of async computations, async pipelines, exception handling, scheduling and so much more. Pain medication not included.


Containerizing and Scaling Your Applications with Jon Clausen

In this workshop, you will gain knowledge and proficiency in utilizing Docker containers to develop, deploy, and scale ColdFusion (CFML) applications. Be it to Docker swarms, Kubernetes, or other orchestration services. Get ready to send your applications out into the great wide world of containerization!


Legacy Code Conversion To The Modern World! with Dan Card

This one-day workshop will focus on converting legacy .cfm based sites into a more modern coding design that has less overall code, is easier to maintain and manage, mistakes and errors can be more readily and speedily identified and fixed, and is easier to read.


TestBox - Getting started with BDD-TDD with Brad Wood

This course will enhance your application toolbox and development skills: Understand the theory and principles behind software testing. Understand all types of testing and know when to apply them. Review tools of the trade. Implement TDD, BDD, and CI (Continuous Integration). Everything you wanted to know about the TestBox Framework.


VueJs SPA and Mobile App with Rest APIs with Gavin Pickin

This workshop will walk us through creating a Quiz Game app with a ColdBox REST API backend and a VueJS Application, written in the Quasar Framework. We will start with the concept, design our database, plan our API, write some tests, build our API and then create our Quasar Framework App and write some VueJS to hit those API Endpoints. This Quiz game will have a real-world use case, as it brings back to life an old ColdFusion / ColdBox concept, delivered in a fresh new way.


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