Charlie Arehart is a well known community member, and speaks often at CFML Conferences, and you will always learn something from his sessions. Charlie is not only speaking this year, but he is letting us tear his website apart and use it in our ContentBox Workshop as well. Find out about our Free ContentBox Workshop here.

Charlie Arehart

A veteran server troubleshooter who's worked in enterprise IT for more than three decades, Charlie Arehart (@carehart) is a longtime community contributor who as an independent consultant provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and experience levels (

Sessions at Into The Box 2017

Are spiders eating your servers? The impact of their unexpected load and how to counter it

For years I've watched people try to tame "server problems" with a focus on their code, their SQL, the jvm, and so on. Yet often it turns out that the root cause is actually unexpected load. And that load may be from things you never expected (automated), at volumes you never expected. I've found folks with as much as 80% of their web traffic to be such unexpected automated traffic! Worse, there are characteristics of such automated visits that may actually have MORE IMPACT than "real users": for instance, did you know they create a new session/client variables, and run session startup code, for each page they visit?!

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Speaker Questions

We asked Charlie a few questions, here are his answers.

What made you want to speak at ITB 2017?

I'm grateful to have been invited, to share knowledge with the community, while learning as well from others, and enjoying the spirit of of the "Box" community! :-)

Anything in particular that you want to experience during the conference?

Esprit de corps, and Mariachi--hey, I'm multilingual! :-)

Which Speaker at ITB do you want to sit down with and ask a few questions?

Scott Coldwell, on experiences converting legacy apps to MVC

Tell us a little more about your Sessions at ITB

Well, with the 2nd-longest description, I think that's covered. :-) But I find that nearly all sites I help folks with suffer some level of unexpected, automated request traffic, often causing problems.

Why should an Attendee not miss your session?

The impact of such traffic is often way under-estimated, and the solutions are numerous and often surprising.

What's your favorite *Box Product and Why?

ContentBox: convert your legacy CFML site to run under ContentBox, adding many capabilities of a powerful CMS, as well as modernized blog support, all with the substantial foundation (and docs!) of ColdBox.

Tell us something random about yourself:

My office is a cabin in a remote part of the farm my wife and I have, in south central Kentucky (since 2015)

Charlie, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

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