George Murphy always brings a smile to CFML conferences whether he is speaking, or just an attendee. George and I are already planning our trip to the steakhouse, and we're happy to have him speaking to you at this years Into the Box 2017… speaking about "Gitlab server with Continuous Integration"

George Murphy

Currently Senior Software Developer for Fig Leaf Software. Been working with and exploring various web technologies since the late nineties. ColdFusion aficionado since version 4.5. ColdBox Evangelist. Loves collaborating with other developers and bouncing ideas off them and having them bounce ideas off me. I truly love spending and sharing my time with my lovely wife, daughter and friends.

## Gitlab server with Continuous Integration

Are you ready to do a deep dive into setting up a Gitlab Repository on your localhost and doing Continuous Integration with your team?

Speaker Questions

This is what George had to say when questioned about ITB 2017

What made you want to speak at ITB 2017? *

Fellow developers have been so gracious with me, I wanted speak and share what I have learned in order to give this back to them. Since using the ColdBox framework I have expanded my horizon in so many aspects. If you had meet me in 2005 you would have I never thought that I would embrace servers. Well, I have and I would like to see my fellow colleagues get on the knowledge train with me and come along for a wonderful ride. What better way of doing that than giving it back.

Anything in particular that you want to experience during the conference? *

I really want to do a deep dive into Testbox. This is a skill I really want to master.

Which Speaker at ITB do you want to sit down with and ask a few questions?

Luis Majano of course, Brad Wood, Jon Clausen, Gavin Pickin and all of the developers.

Tell us a little more about your Session at ITB

I will walk you through how to setup Gitlab server, create a repository and work as a team with Gitlab Server. It will also include doing continuous integration to a hosting company or your own private server. In my case I will show you how to do CI to Hostek. If you are working on a government project or a private company who does not want to use GitHub or Bitbucket because of cost concerns or the need to keep your code on site Gitlab is the solution for you. We will also look at how to integrate Slack into the equation as well to send commit notifications and alerts when tickets are created.

Why should an Attendee not miss your session?

This will be a really deep dive into Gitlab server and how it can be such an important part of your development team.

What's your favorite *Box Product and Why?

I really love working with WireBox inside of ColdBox and as a standalone product. It can really change how CFC's are managed and used. It also integrates seamlessly with LogBox and CacheBox. All 3 can run in tandem as standalone products.

Tell us something random about yourself: *

I love to fish spend time with the family and my dear colleagues.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions George. Always to pleasure to spend time with George, counting down the days to ITB.

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