Seth is a big part of the Box community. His company Computer Know How are sponsors, and contributors to ColdBox, ContentBox and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. Seth is going to take you on a safari, to look at ContentBox in the wild.

Seth Engen

Seth Engen is a co-owner of Computer Know How, a Wisconsin based technology firm that he started with Curt Gratz in 1997. At the companies start he was introduced to CFML (version 4) and has been programming in the language ever since. Seth really enjoys creating web applications with great user interface experiences.

Sessions at Into The Box 2017

ContentBox In The Wild

ContentBox is an open source CMS ready and waiting for use in your next project. See a variety of specific real world scenarios where ContentBox has answered business needs. This demonstration will outline business needs and their associated solution using a ContentBox theme, widget, or module. Objectives: Customizing Themes w/ Customized Menu Solutions Creating Widgets for Common Business Needs Developing Modules for Robust ContentBox Integration


Speaker Questions

We asked Seth a few questions, here are his answers.

What made you want to speak at ITB 2017?

It is always nice for me to have an opportunity to spread the word about any of the *Box products. I have always been impressed with the companies that support their development and the product that result from these efforts. The world needs to know and I will do my part to help in that cause!

Anything in particular that you want to experience during the conference?

To see fellow developers that we have had interactions with throughout the year. The talent of those developers is fun to experience as they present on their areas of expertise. The *Box products are numerous and always undergoing changes...I like to find those things I have missed or have yet to implement.

Which Speaker at ITB do you want to sit down with and ask a few questions?

Luis Majano

Tell us a little more about your Sessions at ITB

I am excited to show real world examples of ContentBox themes, widgets, and modules that have answered business needs that have been brought to us.

Why should an Attendee not miss your session?

This session will give you a number of real world examples of solutions we have provided. You will come away with lots of ideas on how you can use ContentBox on your next project.

What's your favorite *Box Product and Why?

ContentBox! I have been developing with ContentBox for years now and love what we have been able to accomplish for our customers with the product.

Tell us something random about yourself:

I was disqualified from my last high school Cross Country Conference Race for holding hands with a teammate as we crossed the finish line! That teammate is my business partner of twenty years (Curt Gratz).

Seth, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

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