Today we're happy to announce that all of our Pre-Conference sessions and speakers are finalized, and have been posted on the Into the Box Site in our updated schedule section, which shows the pre-conference, workshops, and both days of the conference all in one location.

Due to Covid and other reasons, some of the CFML Community Speakers will not be able to make this years Into the Box - but we wanted to include them anyways. To do that, last week we announced a Pre-Conference / 3rd Track for ITB. Read more about it here.

Final set of Speakers for our Pre-Conference Track are:

  • Zac Spitzer - Lucee - Behind the Scenes
  • Michael Born - Meilisearch: A Search Platform for the Rest of Us
  • Javier Quintero - cbValidation: Validate all things!
  • Dan Card - CFScribe - Rules and Filtering for your Logging

To learn more about the Pre-Conference track for ITB - read the blog post here

To see the entire Into the Box Pre-Conference Schedule - click here

Zac Spitzer - Lucee - Behind the Scenes

In this session find out all about Lucee and the upcoming releases from the Lucee Community Manager. Zac will tough on Lucee 6 beta release, Lucee 6 New features, Future improvements, The Lucee release cycle, process and his role as the community manager.

Michael Born - Meilisearch: A Search Platform for the Rest of Us

Meilisearch is a lightweight, lightning-fast search platform which offers a full-text search experience for smaller websites and applications. In this session, Michael Born will be demoing Meilisearch capabilities, integrating a ColdBox app with Meilisearch, and showing us how we can benefit from Meilisearch's zero-config, minimal-fuss approach to the complex world of fuzzy search.

Javier Quintero - cbValidation: Validate all things!

Learn alongside Javier Quintero, how to validate all things! Validations are fundamental when building APIs and web apps. Most of the time we skip validations and we open the door for bugs and issues in the app. Luckily, ColdBox has made this process simpler so we can prevent these issues from happening. With the cbValidation module, you can validate all incoming request data or populated objects. You can use the existing validators or create your own custom validators so you can validate everything the way you want.

Dan Card - CFScribe - Rules and Filtering for your Logging

Complex Routing - cfScribe allows an almost infinite level of routing based on a wide variety of criteria including environment, environment variables, severity (fatal, error, warn, info, debug), Coldbox Settings, Module Settings, presence or value of HTTP headers, UDF.

Error Filtering - This controls what information from the error is displayed when the error is output. This includes the keys from the error struct, the keys in the Tag Context section of the error, the number of lines in the TagContext and more.

Allows the use of Multiple Appenders and Custom Adhoc Appenders.

Variety of Deployment Options - It can be used either a standalone product, It can be used within Coldbox as a module, It can be used as a part of Logbox directly. This is helpful when implementing cfScribe into an existing code base which already uses LogBox

See you at Into the Box

We are excited to be bringing you more content, more speakers, and we can't wait to see you all at Into the Box.

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