Demonstrating Monitoring Solutions for CF and Lucee


Thursday, May 16th, 12:15

This is a follow-up to Charlie’s 2021 ITB talk, “Monitoring Solutions for CF and Lucee”. In that presentation, he offered considerable detail about the variety of monitoring solutions available to solve various common troubleshooting and tuning problems, including tools built into CF/Lucee or Java as well as tools that could be added—both free and commercial. As can happen, it was heavy on info, considerations, and resources.

In this talk, Charlie will focus instead on actually demonstrating these various tools, showing some key observations/metrics you can view, get alerts about, and more. You’ll come away appreciating what’s possible and how easily it can be found—if you know where to look. He’ll also cover how some of the tools have evolved since the last talk, as he shares here his experience from helping thousands of folks leverage such tools and techniques daily, whether they’re running on servers, containers, or via CommandBox.