How To Make a Living as a (ColdFusion) Freelancer?


Thursday, May 16th, 17:25

Want to go freelance? And quit your day job? Think it’s all about getting to “just write code” and not talk to co-workers anymore? .

Think again! Fifteen years ago I quit my last “real” day job, started life as a freelance consultant and have never looked back! But it hasn’t been all fun and games, and it certainly hasn’t been “just writing code”. There are a lot of other factors involved when going freelance. Some are obvious (invoices, health insurance), and others are more subtle. Being able to “read” customers, knowing which communication style is best, how to generate new customers and how to still have a personal life all need to be factored in as well. Plus about 100 other things.

In this talk I’ll start by sharing a bit about how I began life as a consultant and a few things I’ve learned along the way. We’ll also open up the discussion to questions and comments from the audience, answering as much as possible along the way.

This won’t be a technical talk, though I think part of the content is specific to the ColdFusion industry as it stands now. The content will be both specific to CF developers as well as general freelance/consulting information.