Gavin Pickin - Speaker at Into The Box 2025

Gavin Pickin


Gavin started using ColdFusion in 1999 when working for the university of Auckland in New Zealand before moving to California. He has lead teams, trained new developers and worked the full stack from graphic design, HTML CSS JavaScript through to ColdFusion MySQL and server administration and now Docker too.

Gavin is active in the Ortus Community, working for Ortus for 7 years, being a regular speaker on webinars, trainings, and speaks at Into the Box, CF Summit and other CFML Conferences in the past.

Gavin has a passion for learning and cannot understand why the 9-5ers aren't listening to podcasts while changing diapers, watching video tutorials while at Waterpolo Practice, or reading blogs while in line at the Gas Station. You will find him on the CFML News Podcast or on slack and twitter @gpickin.