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TeraTech helps CIOs at medium-sized US companies with expert ColdFusion software development. Our CF wizards will keep you safe from the nine Dark Riders of Mordor (CF maintenance headaches), Orcs (CF security) and Goblins (CF crashes) that roam Middleware-earth.

We have a podcast , a book, and our CEO, Michaela Light, speaks at CF conferences (which are BTW awesome and you should come to them!) Before you close the casket on ColdFusion… You should know that CF is alive and well. We’ve been working on it 24 years, since version 1.5. (That is almost as old as Gandalf in hobbit years.)

However you might have hear CF is dead because you are running into all these problems:

  • Legacy CF spaghetti code is hard to maintain
  • Mountains of tech debt in your apps (old CF versions, out-of-date libraries)
  • Hard to hire good CF developers
  • CF security worries of hacking
  • Cloud migration concerns
  • Cost/licensing issues
  • C and Java developers looking down on CFML