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ITB2019 - Meet Nolan Erck

Meet our speaker

Nolan Erck

Nolan Erck has been developing software professionally for more than 19 years, starting in the video game industry as a Tools Programmer advancing to web development in 1999. He has worked on high profile projects for LucasArts, Maxis, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Schools Credit Union, and Alive N Kicking Magazine among others. His list of credits includes Grim Fandango, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, SimPark, and SimSafari, as well as high-traffic websites for a variety of technology based companies.

Tell us about...

Why should companies or developers modernize?

To stay ahead of the competition, to take advantage of recent innovations and make their lives easier, to stay relevant, to give your customers and teammates the best experience possible.

Why is ColdFusion (CFML) still relevant?

CFML has all the fun language and ecosystem benefits that the JavaScript/Node community rave about. Plus it has several baked-in features that make it THE tool for integrating with other systems. I run a consulting business; we try to be objective and pick the right tool for the given project. 9 times out of 10 we pick CFML first.

What would you like to experience during the conference?

Into The Box is always a great place to learn the truly cutting edge things being done in the CFML space. I expect to attend several great sessions and learn more modern techniques for using CFML in 2019

Which speaker at ITB do you want to sit down and ask a few questions?

Brian Klaas always does a fantastic job; I learn a lot from his presentations. I'm also a big fan of talks by Eric Peterson and Matthew Clemente. Looking forward to seeing all of them.

Why should attendees go to your session?

There is so much promo about how the Node ecosystem has made JavaScript a "run anywhere" language. The truth is, we a very similar set of functionality in the CFML space with CommandBox. My session will help shed some light on how easy it is to use CommandBox to get a lot of the same benefits one gets from Node and npm. The CFML community really can get those same benefits with the tools already available to them!

What is your favorite *Box Product and why?

CommandBox. As part of my consulting business we often flip between several projects in a given week. Being able to spin up servers that match my client specifications with a simple command line tool saves us tons of work


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