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Into the Box 2019: Workshops Prerequisites

Welcome to ITB2019 Workshops

The entire Ortus Solutions team gives you the most cordial welcome to Into the Box 2019 Workshop Sessions! We are very excited to have you on board, surely this will be a great opportunity to extend and deepen your knowledge and take you to be active part of the Software Revolution.

General Instructions

For your learning experience during the training to be satisfactory, you must read and follow the instructions given by the instructors in the workshop in which you are enrolled.

It is highly recommended that you can do this before traveling as it does require a stable internet connection to download the required components and that can sometimes cause problems on hotel/conference internet.

If you need step-by-step for:

CommandBox Deep Dive

This workshop will start with the basics of using CommandBox CLI in your everyday workflow. We’ll focus on topics like managing servers, package management, and scripting command line tasks using CFML and Task Runners. We’ll also cover extending the CommandBox core with modules to add your own behaviours. We will focus on hands-on exercises and will end the day with each student building their own module and publishing it to ForgeBox.

Presented by Brad Wood, Ortus Solutions.

  • Prerequisite list includes:
    • A working knowledge of CommandBox’s shell and basic commands is desirable but not requried
    • Have the latest stable version of CommandBox installed already.
    • A GitHub account and Git CLI installed (if you want to follow along with publishing packages).

For full workshop description: Click here

Containerizing CFML Apps

In this workshop, you will gain knowledge and proficiency in utilizing Docker containers to develop and deploy ColdFusion (CFML) applications. Be it to docker swarms and or many orchestration services. Get ready to send your applications out in to the great wide world of containerization!

Presented by Jon Clausen, Ortus Solutions.

  • Prerequisite list includes:
    • A working knowledge of CommandBox and CFML applications.
    • Have the latest stable versions of CommandBox and Docker installed, for your operating system platform.
    • Bring a sample application, with between 1-2 external dependencies (e.g. - database or cachingserver) to use for the hands-on segment of the training.

For full workshop description: Click here

ColdBox From Zero to Hero

In this workshop you will be introduced to the latest version of the most popular CFML MVC framework; ColdBox 5. We will go over the basics of installation, templating and configuration to the most advanced features like HMVC development with modules, RESTFul APIs, integration testing, interception points and much more.

Presented by Eric Peterson, Ortus Solutions.

  • Prerequisite list includes:
    • Latest CommandBox CLI (You don’t need to know how to use it.).
    • MySQL GUI:
    • A local database server - We will be using MySQL 5.7 in the course. MAKE SURE IT IS 5.7. You can start a local database service with docker using the following command if needed.

      • You can then stop and start the database server with 'docker stop soapbox' and 'docker start soapbox'.

For full workshop description: Click here

BDD with TestBox

This course will enhance your application toolbox and development skills: Understand the theory and principles behind software testing. Understand all types of testing and know when to apply them. Review tools of the trade. Implement TDD, BDD and CI (Continuous Integration). Everything you wanted to know about the TestBox Framework. Understand Mocking/Stubbing and its applications via MockBox. Apply testing to your ColdBox Applications (Optional).

Presented by Luis Majano, Ortus Solutions.

  • Prerequisite list includes:
    • Latest CommandBox CLI Installed
    • Intermediate CFC & ColdFusion Knowledge
    • Intermediate OO experience is desirable

For full workshop description: Click here

ContentBox From Zero to Hero

In this hands on workshop ( bring your laptop ) we will introduce you to ContentBox, and walk through the steps needed to install ContentBox, install a Theme, install / build a widget, install / build a module, add to Source Control and setup with CI, and then Deploy to the cloud.

Presented by Gavin Pickin, Ortus Solutions.

  • Prerequisite list includes:

For full workshop description: Click here

Hands on CFML Security Workshop

Bring your laptop and get your hands dirty learning how to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your ColdFusion codebases. In this full day session, you will learn about several classes of web application security vulnerabilities and how they pertain to CFML.

Using a vulnerable CFML web application prebuilt for training, you will learn what red flags to look for in the code. Next you will see firsthand how attackers may exploit the vulnerabilities. Finally, you'll learn techniques for improving the security of your CFML code.

Presented by Pete Freitag, Foundeo Inc.

The complete setup instruction: Click here

  • This guide will help you to:
    • Install COMMANDBOX in your laptop
    • Download the source code repository
    • Install a code editor

For full workshop description: Click here

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