Computer Know How - Sponsors Into The Box 2022

We are excited to announce the bronze sponsorship of Computer Know How for the Into The Box 2022 Conference this coming September. We have been partners with CKH for several years and they are an amazing web application development company. Thank you for your patronage, and continuing support. We are excited to see them in Houston this September!
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Dear Amazing Boss - I would like to ask for your approval to attend Into The Box 2022

We feel Into the Box 2022 will be an excellent conference. We have already announced our first four workshops, with a Twitter poll to help decide the 5th and final workshop. We are finalizing our schedule, for which we have 50+ community submitted sessions, and all of the Ortus sessions, to cram into our 2 days, 2 tracks of almost 30 sessions. We are thrilled with the great list of speakers, content, and sponsors that will be at Into the Box 2022. We think you should come to the conference but may need some help convincing your boss to send you. To assist with that, we created a draft letter, inspired by Smashing Magazine, VueJS Conf, and many others, which you can use to send to your boss to help convince them why attending Into the Box in 2022 is going to be a great thing for you and your company. Please use the below letter to convince your boss to let you attend the best ColdFusion Conference of the Year! Remember, the Super Early Bird prices end soon. Hope to see you in September!
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Into the Box 2022 - First Workshops Announced

We are excited to announce the first workshops for Into the Box 2022. We plan to offer 5 or more workshops, while we decide on the final workshops, we're happy to announce the first 4. In Previous years at Into the Box we have done 1 day and 2-day workshops and all of the workshops have been well attended, with some standouts that sell out every year. Since we have added several of our biggest and most popular workshops like ColdBox Zero to Hero and Hero to SuperHero on CFCasts, we have room for new workshops. We are bringing back some of the most popular workshops like Containers/Docker & CommandBox & Testing with new and updated content, and some of the workshops are brand new like Async Programming and Scheduling with the man Luis Majano himself, and Legacy Code Conversion where you walk through our Migration process we work through with so many Ortus Clients.
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Into The Box 2022 Call For Speakers

We are pleased to announce the call for speakers for the Into The Box Conference. The conference will be held in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas on September 28-30, 2022 . This year we will continue the tradition of training and offering a pre-conference hands-on training day on September 29th and our live Mariachi Band Party!


Call for papers closes at midnight April 17th.

Submit Your Talks Today!

Datastream Connexion Joins Into the Box 2021 as a Silver Sponsor!

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We are pleased to announce that Datastream Connexion will be joining us as Silver Sponsor at this year’s Into the Box!

Known for providing innovative ways for clients to communicate with customers and shareholders, Datastream Connexion is an industry leader with skilled team members engaging in collaborative, critical component development and consulting to increase security, reliability and efficiency. With their vision and through intensive research and development, they deliver results that are remarkable. As such, we are proud to announce their support and backing at this year’s conference. Thanks to their trust, we have no doubt this conference will be one for the books. 

To learn more about Datastream Connexion and how they can help you, you can visit their site.


ITB Blog Post Series - Meet Matthew Clemente

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Our next speaker would've betted with absolute certainty that he was going to be a university professor of English literature. As you may have guessed, because his  ITB session isn't a lecture on SonnetBox, even best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Everyone, please meet Matthew Clemente.

Matt will be leading the “Do It with CFML: Building Your Own Tools with CommandBox” session on Thursday, May 7th at 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM. You should attend since “CommandBox has made managing CFML servers so much easier - but if you're only using it to spin up servers, you're barely scratching the surface of what CommandBox can do. If you're interested in all the other stuff that CommandBox can do, and more ways that it can make you life easier, and automate your workflows, my session should provide you with a solid starting point.” 

As to what he’s looking forward to, he states: “So, so many of the sessions. Most of them for practical, real-world uses. However, I'm particularly looking forward to Tony Junkes session, "Build A Desktop Application Powered By Electron, VueJS & CFML", because I probably would get the chance to explore that tech, were it not for the conference.”

TeraTech To Join ITB2020 as a Bronze Sponsor

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    We are happy to announce that TeraTech, the ColdFusion consulting firm, will be joining us as a bronze sponsor this year! TeraTech is dedicated to helping CIOs secure ColdFusion apps from hackers, speed up and make reliable their slow and crashing CF servers, and develop modern CF apps with few bugs, on time and within budget.

Founded in 1989, TeraTech ColdFusion experts have more than 150 years of combined experience. The company was awarded “Best ColdFusion Consulting Firm” by the ColdFusion Developers’ Journal 5 times in a row. 

Michaela Light, CEO of TeraTech, is a recognized expert in the ColdFusion community, author of the best-selling CF Alive book, host of the CF Alive podcast, publisher of the annual State of the CF Union survey, and founder of the CFUnited conference. 

She says “I’m here to show you that ColdFusion is a vibrant and modern language for complex, data-driven enterprise apps.”

If you're interested in learning more, make sure to stop by their virtual booth at our conference.

Into the Box Blog Post Series - Meet Wil de Bruin

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Our next Into the Box speaker is a  fanatic pizzaiolo, home baker and never buys bread from supermarkets. He is also the admin of the Dutch home baking forum. He’s been using CF since the dark times of CF 1.5 when CFML was still called DBML and Java was just something to make the  Netscape browser slower. Everyone, please meet Wil de Bruin. 

Wil will be leading the Validate! (or fail…) session on May 7th from 3:10 PM until 4:00 PM. In his own words, you should attend his session even though “ cbvalidation is already [considered] an 'old' module, but most people don't use it to its full potential. I want to show people more ways to use it. You don't need other ways of validation. And I will discuss where we can still improve on this module.”

When it comes to a Box product of his liking, he states: “CommandBox, and many many modules. Some of my favourites: qb and cfmigrations for most database stuff, cbvalidation for it's power, and the new cbsecurity for all new features. And HMVC rest templates. They make developing our API a lot easier. Now the REST handler will be part of coldbox6 it makes it even more usable, and better documented.” 

At our previous conferences, Wil always liked the discussions with other people, the party and of course the inspiring content. However, “this year it is just the content, I will really miss the people. The thing I do like this year is: no jetlag and not being in a plane for 2x10 hours.”

ITB Blog Post Series - Meet Shawn Oden

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We’d like to introduce you to Shawn Oden, our next speaker in our Blog Post Series. When asked  to share something funny about himself, he turned to his son and this happened: “I asked [him] what he thought was funny about me, he said "Your face." Which is rather ironic, since he looks almost exactly like me.”  Oh how the have tables turned!
Shawn will be leading the “The Golden Hammer: Confessions of a Recovering Database Abuser” session on May 8th at 11:00 AM until 11:50 AM.  You should attend since “almost every developer touches a database in some way.” I spent a long time being annoyed that my database was always a bottleneck. I was fortunate enough to have a patient DBA who was willing to work with me to show me a better way to do the things I was trying to do.  I'll try to share some of the lessons I learned.”
Having our virtual conference has benefits and drawbacks as Shawn mentions: “Normally, my favorite part of conferences is the Hallway Track, but that's going to be a bit different this year.” Yet he is hopeful since “over the past several years, the sessions at Into The Box have always looked pretty amazing, and this year is no exception. I always have the dilemma of figuring out which sessions to attend, and even with a virtual conference, I already know I'm going to be watching some recordings later.I'm very interested in the available containerization features, and I want to hit the sessions on Testing and CI. But mostly, as a data guy, I'd love to learn more about QB and Quick. Those are probably the sessions I'm most looking forward to.”

FusionReactor To Join as a Silver Sponsor for Into the Box 2020

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The good news for Into the Box 2020 keep on coming! We are pleased to announce that FusionReactor will be joining us as a Silver Sponsor this year.  FusionReactor  provides real-time visibility and alerting of application performance issues. Thousands of customers trust FusionReactor to monitor their applications, enabling them to identify and respond faster to performance and stability problems.

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